Veggie View: Public Market


As a vegetarian it is always nice to visit somewhere that provides you with a number of different, delicious options, so that is why I love going to the Milwaukee Public Market. There are tons of different vendors and just about all of them offer some kind of veggie option, but my personal favorite is “The Green Kitchen!” They make the best sandwiches and salads as well as fresh pressed juice.

My favorite sandwich option is Vegan Tempeh Hot Artisan! Its amazing! It has tempeh, red onion, tomato, avocado, spinach and it all comes together with some delicious veganaise. For those that do not know, tempeh is a soy product. Some people consider it vegan bacon, but it taste completely different from bacon (in my opinion it is better). I especially like the veganaise that comes on this sandwich. I don’t normally like any kind of mayonnaise, but I love this stuff! All together it is just an amazing sandwich and I would highly recommend it!

If the Vegan Tempeh isn’t quite what you are looking for, I would suggest the Fresh Mozzarella & Pesto sandwich. Its very simple but delicious. It is served warm on a grilled ciabatta square. I also highly recommend their juices. My favorite is one called the Green Dream. It contains apple, celery, spinach, and ginger. It is delicious and it is awesome to watch them make the juice fresh in front of you.

Of course “The Green Kitchen” isn’t the only place to get great food at the Public Market, in fact its hard to go wrong there. One of my other favorite vendors is called “Aladdin.” Falafel is one of my favorite things in this world and they do it well! And the price is very reasonable.

The Public Market is a great place to go with a group of friends because they have such a large variety of options and something for everyone. The location is also great. If you take the 30 bus down Wisconsin Ave. towards the lake and get off at Water St. it is just a 3-4 block walk. The Public Market is in the Third Ward, so after you eat there is a lot of stuff to walk around and check out.


Veggie View: Ma Fischer’s


Okay, so I am going to change it up a little bit today. Let’s talk breakfast! Breakfast has always been my favorite meal, to the degree that I request a breakfast dinner every year on my birthday. I’m not entirely sure what it is about breakfast food, but I just love it! breakfast is one of the easier meals to find options as a vegetarian. You can’t go wrong with the classic eggs and toast with some home fries, or even some delicious airy pancakes. But Ma Fischer’s is the best at breakfast food.

With an awesome diner feel and some of the best food I have had in a while, Ma Fischer’s is the go to for my friends and I when we want to get our breakfast on. A good old plate of scrambled eggs and home fries with some Cholula, is really the way to go. I tend to stick with the classics a lot of the time, but they also make delicious skillets. You have the option to build your own skillet and there are a ton of great veggie choices. I also have to recommend their biscuits. Now, these aren’t actually a menu option on their own, but the trick is to order the biscuits and gravy without the gravy (they also discount it for you so you don’t have to pay for a second meal). But it is totally worth it because they are absolutely delicious.

And if you are dealing with a bit of a sweet tooth, I highly recommend trying the chocolate chip pancakes. They are always perfectly done and they remind me of staying at my grandma’s because she always made these for us in the mornings. There are also a ton of great options for all of the meat eaters out there, so it is perfect for everyone.

And the best part: they are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Veggie View: Coletivo


If you have lived in Milwaukee for more than a few months I am sure you have, at some point, visited a Colectivo. It seems like they are every where, there is one in the airport for goodness sake! They are hard to avoid here in Milwaukee, but why would you want to? Colectivo has so much to offer: an awesome environment, delicious snacks and foods, amazing coffee and lattes, and they even have some awesome merchandise. Not to mention a huge selection of vegetarian-friendly options.

They make this wrap called the Veggie Pesto, and it is pretty much all that I need in life! It is a wrap with potatoes, pesto, scrambled eggs, broccoli, and some provolone cheese. It is served warm and to combination of all of the flavors is fantastic! I find myself craving it pretty regularly, I can’t spend any amount of time at Bayshore without wanted to stop in and get a wrap and a latte.

I am also a huge coffee head, so that is what originally brought me to Colectivo, but it is everything else that made me want to come back again and again. Every location that I have been to has had an awesome environment and the people working are always so polite and helpful. I have actually met a few vegetarians that work there and they are always giving me new recommendations. It is also a great place to go and study off campus for a while. They pretty much have everything!

Veggie View: Odd Duck


Odd Duck is a delicious, ever changing, tapas style restaurant. It is all small plate style food and its the best. Its hard to do an exact review because the menu changes regularly, but I can tell you that every time I have been there it has be amazing. Its a fun place to go with a group of people because then you can all try a little bit of everything.

The restaurant its self has a wonderful atmosphere. Its very intimate and comfortable. The service was great and the waiters always give great recommendations. I particularly enjoyed the grilled eggplant the last time that I was there. It is easy to share and tastes great! I also like the potato gnocchi. There is an entire partition of their menu that is all veggie. It is also a great idea to get a cheese board. It lets you select four different cheeses to sample. A lot of their cheeses are from Wisconsin or somewhere in the Midwest. I have enjoyed all of the ones that I have tried so far. Ask your waiter for recommendations on this. gave Odd Duck four and a half stars out of five (which is a little low if you ask me) and classifies it as “american cuisine,” which is partially correct. Since the menu is always changing, the style of food also seems to change. I think that everything they serve is an americanized version of itself, but the influence is taken from all different kinds of cultures and cuisine.

This is a great place for date night or to catch up with friends. I have always had great experiences there and I hope you do, too!

Veggie View: Beans & Barley

I have been a vegetarian for a while now, actually it has been exactly seven years as of today, and the question that I am most often asked is “Why are you a vegetarian? Isn’t it hard to not eat meat?” But for me its easy. I am not a big fan of meat, and that is actually the reason I decided to become a vegetarian, and I have loved all seven years of it. Being a vegetarian has opened me up to so many more food options and possibilities, so many delicious dishes that I wouldn’t have necessary considered when I was eating meat. Being vegetarian isn’t always the easiest. There is considerably more time and effort involved in cook dinner for me than for my roommates, but I enjoy cooking, so I don’t mind too much. I have limited options at most restaurants, if that, there are some places that barely have a single vegetarian option on the menu. But like I said, being a vegetarian has opened me up to new options. I have found a ton of places around Milwaukee that offer amazing vegetarian food, even some places that specifically cater to vegetarians and vegans. My plan with this blog is to share some of my favorite dishes and restaurants and hopefully encourage everyone to maybe go out and try a little bit of the veggie life.


The first restaurant I want to share with everyone is a an amazing little place called Beans & BarleyIt is one of my favorite places in Milwaukee. The restaurant, located in the UWM area, is also an organic grocery store, and it is some of the best food around. They offer some meat options, but most of the menu is aimed towards vegetarians and vegans. It was actually there first place that I ate at with my dad the first time we visited Milwaukee and I have gone back countless times since. They make an amazing vegetable chill, that I crave on a regular basis. I would also highly recommend their TLT (Tempeh, Lettuce and Tomato) sandwich. Those are my favorites, but I have never been disappointed with anything that I have ordered. The service is always great! They have the nicest staff. And even if you have to wait a few minutes, it is easy to entertain yourself looking through all of the goodies that the grocery side has to offer. I’m getting hungry just talking about it!